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May 28, 2019

It is difficult to perform a full diagnostic of sewer line by yourself, taking into account the fact it lays down under the ground and may occupy the space of the whole yard. But below are some red flags that can help to identify sewer line’s breakdown, shared with you by Excellent Plumbing.

Drains Clogged Happens Too Often

It happens when toilets, sinks or shower get plugged up, which was caused by a clog. The reason can be easily removed, so the issue may not happen again, till trash will be accumulated. In case the frequency of clogs have been significantly increased and/or the issue relates to couple places at your household, including draining slowing down, it may evidence your sewer line is significantly damaged.

Dampness In The Yard

A collapse or break of a sewer line can also cause leaking. In fact, leaking is often explained by the negative influence of trees situated near your house, especially dangerous are old trees. When roots grow they damage pipes, so water starts to leak through holes in them. As deeper sewer line buried under the ground as harder to detect areas of such damage.

Anyway, warm climate areas, where there is no necessity to situate sewer line deeply, leave the hope to identify problem via wet spots on the yard. Please notice such spots are serious signs of possible sewer line breakdown.

Unpleasant Odors

Although you will not be able to see sewer lines problems it is rather probable for you to smell them. In case gas from pipes smells strongly enough to be noticed in a house it is telltale warnings of serious problems with the sewer line. Probably, it is caused by a clog, that is stocked there for a long time and pushes up drain gases outside.

Steps to perform in case some sign was detected

Obviously, the first thing to do in case you’ve noticed something from described above is to check whether it is possible to remove a clog by yourself. In case it is hard to determine the location or to reach it out, then the best decision is to call professionals.

Excellent plumbing specialists will not only remove unpleasant signs of sewer line damage but will repair it in a short time.

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