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May 28, 2019

Such a useful tool as a dishwasher was acquired for saving more time for other needs and making life more comfortable. One of the advantages is the ability to accumulate dishes before washing them to save water too. This is why the unexpectable breakdown of a dishwasher may significantly upset you.

In case a dishwasher stopped to drain it is rather possible your sewer line is clogged. In case of any blockage there, a dishwasher will not be able to get enough water for its work, because of its connection to sink in the kitchen and respective draining system. There could be a couple of reasons of clogging: trash, remaining food or something else. For timely reaction and respective repair, it is necessary to recognize warning signs of blockage. Here are 5 tips for Excellent Plumbing for you to prevent serious breakdown because of dishwashers’ clog.

5 Typical Signs For Early Clog Detecting


Gurgling sounds you may hear during water drain mean that air from the blockage is coming outside, while water is trying to get inside. There are couple of places for clog location in such a situation: the main sewer line or secondary one. So it is better to apply for professional help in order of exact location identification and blockage removal.

Slow drain in the kitchen.

In case sink or dishwasher started to drain slowly it is rather probable there is a clog just in a kitchen’s sewer line. In case of blockage will not be removed in time your dishwasher and sink can become fully clogged. In case you tried and failed to remove a clog by yourself, call professionals for help.

Water accumulation version 1

If a water flow in a sink in the kitchen was noticed, while a dishwasher is running immediate action should be taken. First of all, turn off the dishwasher and remove trash by garbage disposal running. If it doesn’t help and the water is still accumulated, call plumbers ASAP.

Water accumulation version 2

Another place, where water can be accumulated is inside of a dishwasher after its work completion. Check the bottom of your device and in case you found there some water, try to find the reason of clog and remove it or call professionals.

Bad performance

In case you are not satisfied how clear plates are after being in a dishwasher, although a couple of times ago everything was fine it means bad flow of water inside of device during working cycle. As you may guess, the reason is again in some blockage that doesn’t allow water to get in. So to make your plates clean and dishwasher in a good repair the clog should be removed by you or by Excellent Plumbing service if you ask.

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