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Boilers: Electric and Gas. How to make a choice?

April 22, 2019

So you think about purchasing the new water heater. However, which one is the best? Electric? Gas one? Professional plumbers always advice do not see both options as opposite to each other. Each item has its advantages and disadvantages. And the one which fits you depends on what you expect from the boiler. There are a few crucial statements, which should be considered before purchasing any kind of boiler:

Mounting costs


Facilities and operation needs

Possible damage to the environment


  1.    Boilers mounting costs

Does your house equip with the gas system? If not, it will cost you a fortune to install it, so no need to think about possible wins from cheaper water heating in future. Possible savings will not cover the purchase and installation of a brand new gas system. So just choose an electric item in this case. However, if you have a gas system in your house – choose a gas water heater. No doubts, you will spend some money on installation and revision of gas systems, but gas is cheaper than electricity, so basing on the daily usage of hot water – you will win in future!

  1.    Life-of-the-product

As gas heater have a flame in the lower part of the reservoir, they usually suffer from rusting and amortization. From this perspective, electric boilers have much longer life-of-the-product. Then again, brackish water can cause serious damage to the electric water heater. In this case, you should think about what kind of water you use. If you have your own well, water in it is milder that municipal, so you have fewer chances to get your boiler out of order. If you connected to the municipal water supply system – consider purchasing of gas water hear – it will save you the cost of the repair of the water tank.

  1.    Facilities and operation needs

Gas boilers used to heat the water a few times faster than electric ones. To be more concrete, they heat the water reservoir as soon as it fills. To heat such amount of water in an electric item you will need more time, which means more consumption of energy and more money spent. So if you have a large family, who regularly take a hot shower – pick up a gas boiler!

  1.    Possible damage to the environment

To summarize the above, we can tell that gas water heaters are much cheaper to maintain, it will serve you longer if you use municipal water and supply your family (even large) with cheaper hot water. Nevertheless, the electric item much cheaper to install and they do not cause a lot of damage to the environment. So if you need to make a decision think – what do you need the most?

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