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Humidifiers: Features and Benefits

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September 30, 2019

It is hard to breathe the dry air at home, so the decision was found – humidifiers. These devices allow managing humidity in the air inside the room or the whole home. Humidifier usage allows forgetting about dry skin, problems with hair, statics, and other negative effects connected with dry air.

Emergency Plumbing prepared a quick guide on types, features, and benefits of usage of humidifiers. You will also know the costs of the device and maintenance of it.

Main FAQ regarding Humidifiers

As humidifiers become more popular, it is natural that the interest to the appropriately grows. So we gathered some popular questions, which may clear any “spaces” regarding humidifiers.

What Are the Main Types of Humidifiers

There are two types of humidifiers that can be used depending on the future owner’s preferences either portable or while-home systems. The portable one is good for separate rooms or small premises, while the whole-home systems are able to control moisture levels all over the house.

Whole House Humidifiers Features

Whole-home humidifiers are connected with the house’s HVAC, so moisture conditioned air is circulated all over the living places. As they are connected through a special type of plumbing connection, you don’t have to fill the water regularly, it would be done automatically according to need. Such systems are divided into 3 types:

  • Bypass, which are installed respectively on furnace’s bypass ducting, so the airflow is provided by the fan’s motor through the ductwork. They can operate only together with the HVAC system, and cannot if the HVAC system is turned off. The source of the moisture is the water panel.
  • Fan-powered, which are equipped with its own fan, so doesn’t depend on the HVAC system’s operating. As well as bypass humidifiers they use water panel as the source of the moisture, although it doesn’t require the bypass duct, so it can be installed in any places, including those with limited space. 
  • Steam, which works is based on water heating, so the steam is created and then directed via ducts to the living places. This type is considered to be the faster and the most effective one, and can also work without dependence on the HVAC system.


Portable Humidifiers

Portable humidifiers exist in 4 types:

  • Cool mist/warm mist: the device evaporates cool/warm air, which mixes with dry air, creating an appropriate humidity level.
  • Ultrasonic: the moisture is created by vibrating metallic diaphragm and they mix with the air.
  • Evaporative: the work of the device is based on fan usage, so the steam created is directed in the room, where additional humidity is required.

There are a lot of different offers on the market for purchasing a portable humidifier. So all individual conditions in spaces, where it is planned to be applied and requirements should be considered during the selection process.

How to Perform Appropriate Maintenance

The obvious advice, which will allow keeping the humidifier in a good condition is to acknowledge with the manufacturer’s instruction regarding both: cleaning and maintenance, so you will follow the guarantee terms and will be secured from mistakes. As an additional option, you can involve the expert to help you with your humidifiers maintenance.

Does it Expensive?

The cost of the humidifier is directly affected by its type, model and brand. Portable devices are cheaper, and their cost may vary from $20 to a couple of hundreds. At the same time, the cost of the whole-house humidifying systems starts from $500 and can reach $1000 and more together with installation.

Advantages of Applying The Humidifier

It is much more pleasant to breathe air with an appropriate level of moisture, but there are many other benefits, which you can gain installing the humidifier at your home:

Setting the appropriate humidity level for the indoor air during all the year;

Feel warmer setting the correct humidity level inside your homeplace, while the outside temperature is rather lower. This may lead to less intensive heater usage and respective cutting in utility costs;

Decrease the following effects caused by dry air: dry skin, flue, issues with lungs, including asthma, statics, and so on;

Extend the useful life of wooden furniture, which will be protected from dry and respective fragility. 

Avoid lessening in case you will keep the air in the bedroom moisture enough and will remedy the problem of nose bleeding, which is often explained by dry air.

Reliable Brands

Speaking about the brans to be chosen for further applying Emergency Plumbing proposes the following as reliable options:

Aprilaire. The brand is created more than 80 years ago and all this time it was occupied deciding the problem of dry air and what is more important they succeeded.

Honeywell is a company dealing with HVAC systems and is mainly do whole-home systems for microclimate control, so is you are going to purchase bypass, steam or fan-powered humidifier it would be a good choice.

In case you still have any doubts you may always contact Emergency Plumbing for further consultations and clarification. We are ready to provide you with help 24/7 and help you to resolve any issue. 

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