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In-Floor Heating Installation

August 29, 2019

Applying the electric in-floor heating is a way to stay cost-effective, maintain the energy-efficient warmth, and keep conform at home.

As a service with huge experience in electrical heating solutions over different US areas, including Lombard, we realize the in-floor heating value. The knowledge of licensed electricians from our team, who provide residential electrical services for many years regarding the main tips on in-floor heating installation is provided below.

In-Floor Heating Advantages

Often the main motivation to install an in-floor heating system is to get rid of cold accumulated on tile and get the warm surface that is pleasant to walk on. However, such an approach is very limited comparing to the diversity of options proposed by in-floor heating installation. Additionally, you may get a significant energy economy comparing to the usage of traditional radiators/forced-air systems. It is achieved because heat from the floor is dispersed evenly in a room, so there are not any cold angles or spots in the home.


In-Floor Heating Types

There are 3 main types of in-floor heating systems:

  • Radiant air floor heaters;
  • Hot water radiant floors;
  • Electric radiant floors heaters.

Although the most effective type is considered to be electric radiant floors heating, the best option to be selected and installed depends on existing at your place type of heating.

Steps to Install Electric In-Floor Heating

This procedure is used to be performed by certified electricians with respective experience. It typically consists of the following steps:

Old Flooring removal

It doesn’t matter what type of floor you are planning to be heated. Whether it is carpet, tile or laminate it should be totally pulled up to be able to lay down the heating system. Fortunately, some floors can be laid back like, for example, laminate, but most of them will be totally destroyed during the removal procedure. So be ready to change the floor surface and prepare respective materials for the time, when the electric heating system will be installed.

Check for the Electrical Source for Compatibility

Without a matter of whether you are planning to use the GFCI outlet or the breaker for connecting the heater, the electrical source should be prepared for usage before the electric floor heater installation. With this purpose, the wires should be run by an electrician from the socket to the wall section where the heater will be connected.

Take Care of a Custom-Sized Heat Mat

The heat mat is a little detail that guarantees proper heating across the floor. You may order the custom-sized heat mat or order from the existing ones. But be ready to wait for some time, while the custom-fitted mat will be produced. It isn’t recommended to perform the installation without this part of the heating system.

Location and Position

This step considers the check performed by an electrician in order to ensure that the mat described in a previous step fits the place, so he can proceed with the installation of the in-floor heating system.

Connect the heating system to Circuitry

Once the in-floor system was installed the certified electrician will plug it in and ensure that there are no issues in the system functioning. Additionally, this step considers the connection of the heating mat to the thermostat.

Reinstall/Install New Floor Surface

In the first step, we warned you that there is a chance that the old flooring will be destroyed. If you are lucky and it wasn’t, just lay it back and enjoy a new in-floor heating system. Otherwise, use the flooring

In case you were planning to install an in-floor heating system in Lombard and need either professional advice or secure service and job of the high quality, contact our team, so you will get all of it in full. Trust professionals! We are ready to help in this and other services. Just contact us 847-868-1800 and save your time and money with us!


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