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Simple Plumbing Checks to Prevent Complex Repairs

August 29, 2019

Statistics show that a peak of residential real estate trading in Wheeling and close to its regions starts in summer. The number of people, who are ready to acquire a new home, significantly grows at this time. Although it often happens the desire to buy the new place of living is based on subjective matters or the circumstances don’t leave much time for meticulous selection using significant criteria. Such an approach may result in a mistake, that further may cause unpleasant problems, such as plumbing repairs, although they could be avoided at the selection stage by simple inspection measures. Experiencing cooperation with lots of homeowners, who requested the plumbing services in Wheeling, we analyzed the most common mistakes, that could be avoided by following a couple of simple checklists.

The Bathroom Checklist

  • Check the toilet base. The existence of any stains either white or black could be a sign of water damage as well as rolled vinyl.
  • Check the floor. Select the risk place near the toilet, sink or bath and swing there on legs. The floor should be rigid. In case it feels sponged or soft it is a bad sign of decay.
  • Flush the toilet. The process of flashing and toilet bowl filling shouldn’t be slow.
  • Push the walls in places where water affects directly (where the bathtub is situated). There shouldn’t be any leaks or movements of loose places, otherwise, there is probably water damage under the tiles.
  • Check there is a bin for used toilet paper or other hygienic things, so you can be sure there is a low probability of clogs. It is highly recommended to avoid throwing different rubbish such as cotton swabs/balls, diapers, hair, paper, etc. directly to the toilet.

The Water Supply Check

  • Check how the water flows in case of sink and bath taps are turned on at the same time. In case one of them was turned off and the water flow of another became stronger it may evidence of significant pipes damage by accumulated minerals and calcium on it. Such a situation may require pipe replacement in a meanwhile.
  • Check the basement’s pipes for leaks. It may be a bad sign, if homeowner recently replaced pipes, evidencing serious plumbing problem happened, that wasn’t resolved, but was hidden.
  • Check that the main cleanout line is properly accessible.

The Water Heating Check

Here you may check the date when the water heater was produced. The month/week and the year will be shown in the first 4 numbers. Please, note that the maximum period for water heater exploitation cannot exceed 15 years. There also shouldn’t be any rust at the water tank.


Other Tips to Save You from Plumbing Issues

  • Check the connection installed between dishwasher and garbage disposer are strong and free from leaks.
  • Check cabinets for deformations, strains or other water damage signs. Check whether water traps leak.
  • Check the rupture of the washing machine hoses by turning valves on and then off.

Moisture Check

In case the water excess at the yard was noticed it may be a sign of sewer line issues. It is rather probable that such puddles contain waste and considered to be standing water, which is dangerous and children, pets, and people with weak immunity. Additionally, it is a favorable breeding environment for pathogenies and bacteria. Ensure there is no unusual moisture in the yard or places with unusual grass or other plant growth.

Professionals Involvement

In case the decision regarding buying a certain home is almost done, it is a good idea to request for professional plumbing services. Here in Wheeling, you may order a video inspection of the sewer pipes under the ground, which will give a complex understanding of the plumbing system state. It is much easier and cheaper to prevent possible issues than to eliminate the adverse effects of them. We are ready to help in this and other services. Just contact us 847-868-1800 and save your time and money with us!

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