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May 28, 2019

The amount of people, who like to take a cold shower on a permanent basis is extremely low. Additionally, cold water is not the best ally in order to wash fatty plates or perform a laundry day. This is why keeping water heater in a good repair is one of the vital tasks regarding housekeeping, otherwise its breakdown will cause lot of inconvenience. In spite the average useful life of water heater lifespan is more than ten years, it can be easily impaired without appropriate maintenance. Steps to give it at least eleven years of good service are listed below:

Be Aware of Temperature Settings 

Often water heaters are set by default for providing maximum possible temperature (approx. 140 degrees Fahrenheit). In fact, such temperature is not comfortable to be used, requires more cold water flow and negatively influences on equipment’s useful life. It is simply explained – work at the maximum power causes faster depreciation. To prevent it and avoid breakdowns just check data on a thermostat and decrease heating temperature to recommended 120 degrees.

Care the Tank

Water used to leave sediment on a tank, that affects effective work of whole heater. It is highly recommended to drain a tank on a regularly basis: at least couple times per year. The process is simple and comes down to turning off supply of cold water and using garden hose for draining tank till water there become clear.

Check the pressure relief valve

Raise and lower test lever in order to check level of pressure. Normally, a burst of hot water should be released to drainpipe. In case valve didn’t caused significant burst, the appropriate help is required for its replacement. Excellent Plumb is a company providing services in Chicago area that will professionally do that for you.

As water heater is a mechanism with complex structure it is easy to make worse by unqualified self-repair, especially when repairs from Excellent Plum are affordable.

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