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It is natural for us to take about the place, where we spend a lot of time. We make our houses more comfortable, safer, warmer (or cooler) and cleaner. Doing this, first and foremost we think about feeling comfortable and staying healthy in our homes. But have you ever thought how clean your air is?

You might argue, that you use air conditioning, close the windows and not smoke at home. All of this should be enough to breathe fresh and clear air. But we may not even know the main danger is inside of temperature regulation appliances. Unclean air might be extremely dangerous for the next categories of people:

– Kids

– Stay at home adults (freelancers, housewives etc.)

– Office staff, who spend more than 8 hours in the room

But how to understand that you need to take care of cleaning the air in the office? Experts from Excellent Plumbing have a few tips for you:

1. You should hold air duct cleaning every 3-5 years. If you know that your appliances work more than 5 years – call the professionals right now.

2. Somebody noticed the mildew on the air conditioner or near the air system.

Mould might be very dangerous for your health as it causes a serious disease of lungs. People fell as they got cold and get better when leaving the room for some time, but when coming back – get sick again. If you noticed that your employees take sick leave more often than usual – take care of clean air in the office!

3. Noxious insect or animals.

If you hear the gride inside within the ductwork – cleaning might resolve the problem. Excellent Plumbing has a wide experience from getting out from the appliances of different insects and animals in a few minutes

4. A lot of dust

Too much dust in the air system makes the air in the building twice dirtier. If appliances are extremely dusty it might also cause a fire in the building. So regular cleaning will make your home safer.

A list of the pollutant of Inside air and ventiduct

If still doubt to call the cleaning company, please check the list of things which were identified in room air and house’s air channel by the scientist. One or couple of these things occurred in every 2nd checked space:

How to get the air cleaned? Call us now 847-868-1800

Cleaning the HVAC system is a complicated and partly dangerous process. So if you don’t have a proper qualification, please do not try to handle it.

First of all, you should check it and be sure that there is no asbestos. If you found it, stop and think if you have the proper equipment to remove it. Cover all your furniture and carpet as it might be a dirty process. Vacuum out the air channel and remove all mud, mould or pest from it and put all details back in place.

The best solution for this is to call professional masters for it. Excellent Plumbing made a lot of air system cleanings in all over Illinois. Visit our office in Buffalo Glove and get the useful advice and qualified help from our side. We are flexible to drive in any city in Illinois – 847-868-1800

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