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Sewer Drain Cleaning

drain_service1The sewer channel pipe is a significant part of houses piping system. Unlikely, as it is hidden from the human’s eyes, we do not have much knowledge about it. Sometimes people don’t even know about its existence.  So it’s natural, when the family buy the house, settle down and don’t much care about sewer drain until the found out a clog, which sometimes might cause more serious problems than they think.

We collected for you the most frequent questions about sewer channel drain:

Is this possible to remove the clot from the sewer channel drain and how?

Have you ever heard about the drain snake? It is a long flexible piece of steel that is used for clusters that clogging the pipes. Usually, it has the shape of a spiral. You can buy it at the hardware store. To clean out the more serious clog, located in sewer channel drain you will need special “sewer channel snake”. But if you tried to fix the clog and it is still there, then do not push too hard. Sometimes the amateur approach in fixing the plumbing system might cost you a fortune and weeks of repair of the pipe. So, if you understood that you can’t handle the problem by yourself – call the experienced plumber.  Excellent Plumbing got a license for such kind of work a long time ago and has a wide experience in fixing it.

How to recognize the Clean-out?

Easy-dizzy! You should just look for it very well. The thing is that different houses built differently, so you should expect the Clean-out in different places of the piping system in the house. However, before starting the search you should know how it looks like. See the picture on the internet and start looking. It can be located inside or outside the house. The ones located outside usually hidden in landscaping. If you are looking inside first place to looks – is the bathroom or basement (if you have it in your house). They are usually hidden near the main walls in special concrete boxes built in the wall.

You do not have a Clean-Out. What are your actions?

To have a Clean-out installed in the house is extremely important when your pipes often get blocked. If you have kids or have a habit to flush everything in the piping system and still not have a clean-out, you should think about its installation. First of all, it will be more budget friendly to install the clean-out rater then replace the pipe. And the most important, it can prevent the water flood in your house.

When the Main Channel Line is impossible to clear

If you have already tried to clear the main Channel with drain snake, but it didn’t work, then it is time to call the experienced plumber. Tell him that you used to try drain snake cleaning and if he advises, you to replace the pipe don’t do this immediately. Call another plumbing company! Repair and replace the pipe id pretty expensive thing, so you might want to hear another opinion or know alternative option before spending your money.  We – Excellent Plumbing – are happy to provide professional advice in the most complicated situations. Our office is based in Buffalo Grove and we are flexible to come in any city all over Illinois. If you need an expert call us at 847-868-1800

When it is time to change your main channel pipe

Well, it depends on you and how bad in your plumbing system. If your main channel pipe backs up once in a year, so maybe it worth to repair it or make a replacement if it seemed that the pipe is out of order. However, you can avoid it, snaking the pipes as once they are being clogged. Or if you consider that the roots of trees grow into pipelines if worth does dig and see if repair or replacement is needed. As you might understand, the difference in price of snaking, repairing and replacement is essential.

What you can do to avoid clogs in the sewer channel?drain_service2

No doubts, that some clogs are not predictable and are not preventable. Such as roots of the trees or collapse in the pipes. The other ones are pretty obvious and not hard to prevent. The main rule is – watch and think if those you are flushing in the pipes can be flushed? Be aware that oil and pieces of the food did not disappear with just flushing them, but stay in your pipes and slowly destroy them inside. And for sure, the large trash and toys will make your piper clogged twice faster.

When you are responsible for clearing the main channel drain clogs

It will depend on where (in which place of the pipe) the blockage happened and show who should repair the pipe. Escalate to your city authorities and in some cases the can partly assist with repair from their side. However, you can also check this with the experienced plumber from the Excellent Plumbing. We faced a lot of repair and pipe replacement and drive to any city all over Illinois. Book an appointment at 847-868-1800 or online and you will get the qualified advice that can save your time and money!

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