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sewer repair

Sewer Drain Cleaning

drain_service1The sewer channel pipe is a significant part of houses piping system. Unlikely, as it is hidden from the human’s eyes, we do not have much knowledge about it. Sometimes people don’t even know about its existence.  So it’s natural, when the family buy the house, settle down and don’t much care about sewer drain until the found out a clog, which sometimes might cause more serious problems than they think.

We collected for you the most frequent questions about sewer channel drain:

Is this possible to remove the clot from the sewer channel drain and how?

Have you ever heard about the drain snake? It is a long flexible piece of steel that is used for clusters that clogging the pipes. Usually, it has the shape of a spiral. You can buy it at the hardware store. To clean out the more serious clog, located in sewer channel drain you will need special “sewer channel snake”. But if you tried to fix the clog and it is still there, then do not push too hard. Sometimes the amateur approach in fixing the plumbing system might cost you a fortune and weeks of repair of the pipe. So, if you understood that you can’t handle the problem by yourself – call the experienced plumber.  Excellent Plumbing got a license for such kind of work a long time ago and has a wide experience in fixing it.

How to recognize the Clean-out?

Easy-dizzy! You should just look for it very well. The thing is that different houses built differently, so you should expect the Clean-out in different places of the piping system in the house. However, before starting the search you should know how it looks like. See the picture on the internet and start looking. It can be located inside or outside the house. The ones located outside usually hidden in landscaping. If you are looking inside first place to looks – is the bathroom or basement (if you have it in your house). They are usually hidden near the main walls in special concrete boxes built in the wall.

You do not have a Clean-Out. What are your actions?

To have a Clean-out installed in the house is extremely important when your pipes often get blocked. If you have kids or have a habit to flush everything in the piping system and still not have a clean-out, you should think about its installation. First of all, it will be more budget friendly to install the clean-out rater then replace the pipe. And the most important, it can prevent the water flood in your house.

When the Main Channel Line is impossible to clear

If you have already tried to clear the main Channel with drain snake, but it didn’t work, then it is time to call the experienced plumber. Tell him that you used to try drain snake cleaning and if he advises, you to replace the pipe don’t do this immediately. Call another plumbing company! Repair and replace the pipe id pretty expensive thing, so you might want to hear another opinion or know alternative option before spending your money.  We – Excellent Plumbing – are happy to provide professional advice in the most complicated situations. Our office is based in Buffalo Grove and we are flexible to come in any city all over Illinois. If you need an expert call us at 847-868-1800

When it is time to change your main channel pipe

Well, it depends on you and how bad in your plumbing system. If your main channel pipe backs up once in a year, so maybe it worth to repair it or make a replacement if it seemed that the pipe is out of order. However, you can avoid it, snaking the pipes as once they are being clogged. Or if you consider that the roots of trees grow into pipelines if worth does dig and see if repair or replacement is needed. As you might understand, the difference in price of snaking, repairing and replacement is essential.

What you can do to avoid clogs in the sewer channel?drain_service2

No doubts, that some clogs are not predictable and are not preventable. Such as roots of the trees or collapse in the pipes. The other ones are pretty obvious and not hard to prevent. The main rule is – watch and think if those you are flushing in the pipes can be flushed? Be aware that oil and pieces of the food did not disappear with just flushing them, but stay in your pipes and slowly destroy them inside. And for sure, the large trash and toys will make your piper clogged twice faster.

When you are responsible for clearing the main channel drain clogs

It will depend on where (in which place of the pipe) the blockage happened and show who should repair the pipe. Escalate to your city authorities and in some cases the can partly assist with repair from their side. However, you can also check this with the experienced plumber from the Excellent Plumbing. We faced a lot of repair and pipe replacement and drive to any city all over Illinois. Book an appointment at 847-868-1800 or online and you will get the qualified advice that can save your time and money!

Sink Drains

Sink drains installation in Illinois. Professional plumbing services.

Storm Drain Cleaning

Stormwater runoff system created to remove the rain and groundwater from the streets, pedestrian areas, parking and avoid flood in public place, which can cause damage to municipal and private property.  These items are connected to public trench drains, which are connected main drain system where is water from private and city building comes. We found the most common reasons for a blocked storm discharge system:


  • Rubbish and mudstorm_drain
  • Lubricating substance and spread
  • Anti-freezing grease
  • Natural endowments
  • Dye
  • Cleaning agent and removal of the liquid
  • Pest control chemicals
  • Manures
  • Roots of trees
  • Animal by-products
  • Detersives
  • Sedimentary deposits.

As all from the above comes to storm draining system in abundance, we must take care of its regular cleaning. But you should know a few “dos” and “don’ts” to maintain this process smoothly:

storm_drain11. Blocked drains might cause an overspill of wastes and water, which leads to the destruction of ground (especially under the building). This process is extremely dangerous and can destroy your house in time. Such areas need your special attention and the qualified plumber, who can advise how to avoid the negative consequences for the building

2. The crucial part for cleaning any kind of draining system is the water pressure. It is very effective for pipe with diameter not more than 36 inches

3. Take care of nature once clean the storm drains. Use only safe cleaning products as the water from the pipe goes directly to the reservoir

4. Do not start cleaning if you want to clean less than 700 feet. In this case, you won’t get the effect from the process

5. Hydrojetting is one of the most effective ways of cleaning. Look for the plumbing company, which has the proper equipment to maintain this process


Excellent plumbing licensed company to provide stormwater runoff system cleaning services. Our office is based in Buffalo Grove, but we are flexible to come to any city all over Illinois. Call us at 847-868-1800  and book an appointment at any time this month. Save your time and money with us!

Toilet Drains

Cleaning drains in a toilet bowl

Most people think that cleaning the drain if the toilet or removing the clog is a quite simple procedure and they can handle it by themselves. And indeed, a lot of cases are urgent and if you won’t act immediately your home might be water flooded.  Moreover, a plumber emergency visit not always a budget-friendly thing. Therefore, a lot of people prefer to handle the clog with the plunger or special equipment, which is called auger. But sometimes your efforts it’s not enough.

Slack draining in the toilet

Cleaning drains in a toilet bowl

If you noticed that, the water in the toilet not flushing as soon as it was before, you probably have a clog in the toilet or in the pipes. We can differ in a few types of clogged sanitary ware. The first and the simplest stops the water and the waste in from flushing down the drain.  The second and the most dangerous – when the guck come back to a bathtub after you flushed the water. This kind of breakage in very hard to handle, so you will need special knowledge and equipment to fix it. Our advice – do not waste your time and call the plumber!




Sanitary ware that leaking at the bottom

When the water leaks near the bottom of the toilet bowl – you can watch this while you flushing the wastewater – this happens because of the damaged wax ring in the middle of toilet bottom and wastewater pipe. The water on the floor near that toilet bowl (even if it wasn’t flushed before) might be also from some leaking connection or condensation on the pipes. The sink it the also leaks quite often and might seem as leaking toilet. So if you are not able to identify the source of the leak, put a few drops of to the water-soluble paint to the water tank, wait approximately an hour and see where the coloured water appears. If it won’t appear at all, the issue probably in water supply pipe or it’s just sweating. This action needed to ensure that water tank is not leaking before start to the replacement of wax ring.

How to fix a leaking toilet?

Cleaning drains in a toilet bowl2
If you can hear the sizzling sound from the water tank, you already losing gallons of water. Leaking toilet might have many reasons: broken float lever or floating ball, tank stopper, inner faucet so on. This sound not only annoying but also means that you lose your money together with running water. First thing, you need to check is the flapper, which might be defective, tank ball, that block the water or leaking water from the overflowing tube. Experts from Excellent Plumbing will find the problem using the newest equipment for leaks diagnostic. Out office works 24/7, so we can drive in any city in Illinois to handle the issue as soon as possible.


If the toilet flushes slowly

Firstly, open the lid of a tank and check the level of water in it. If it is low, probably there is not enough to push to syphon the water. All toilet bowls designed to give a good flush if there is enough water for it. All additional facilities: bottles, dams and others block the fulling of the water tank. So if you want to save water  – buy special water-saving toilet bowl. This time flush the water and make sure that the flapper allows completing the full flush.
If the water in the tank is enough to complete the flush, then the problem can hide in the clogged rinse holes. If you will clear them with a little piece of a coat hanger, the issue should disappear.
Excellent Plumbing have a wide experience if fixing such kind of issues, so you can book an appointment in our office in Buffalo Grove or call us in any city of Illinois and save your time and money

Toilet drains cleaning and repairing in USA. Professional plumber.

Drain and Sewer Line Repair

Drain and Sewer Line Repair

Grease Trap Services

Sludge trap services
Anyone, who owns the house or apartment sooner or later face with clogs in the plumbing system. Sometimes it takes a lot of time and money to remove it. That is why we have a smart tip for you how to avoid pipes blockages and keep your pipes in good condition. Moreover, hard fats in pipes make clear water polluted by fats, which are toxic to people.  The most optional solution to avoid this – sludge traps. These items usually located inside the building, more rarely outside it. It should be installed under the sink, or if you decide to set it outside the house – it should be undergrounded. This so-called traps, clean the sewer from the mud, oil and small rubbish, while filtered water continues to run in the pipes. But from time to time you should clean these traps to keep them in order.
Sludge trap services
Why you should do this?

If you often you the sinks in the building (for example in the restaurants or cafes, or you just like homemade food and cooking a lot),  you should take care of greaser traps cleaning on daily basis. Here is the most important thing you need to know about traps cleaning:
–    It is regulated by law: this process is governed by the regulations of the board of health in most on of municipal structures
–    You take care of the environment: if you handle the cleaning on regular basis, you keep the plumbing system clean and functional. Moreover, the qualified expert, who will carry out a purge of the traps know the best and the most environment-friendly ways to utilise the guck. Did you know that we have a special procedure for these? Professionals from Excellent plumbing use it on every-day work
–    The simple way to understand when you need cleaning – just look at the amount of guck inside the trap. If you see that it is full for a half or you can feel the unpleasant smell – time has come
–    Do it on regular basis: time frames are usually set by local authorities, but a qualified plumber can advise you how often you should do the cleaning basing on the frequency of using the sinks.
–    If you avoid it: please be aware that if you ignore the maintenance of the sewer system,  you might face with frequent clogging of it and as result water flowing of the building. I bet, it will cost you much more money than regular cleaning
–    It’s pretty cheap: not the worst idea – to spend money and be sure that plumbing issues are not your problem anymore
Excellent Plumbing has a wide experience in sludge trap cleaning. We made it thousands of times all over Illinois. Excellent Plumbing office based in Buffalo Grove, but we are flexible to drive in any city in Illinois and handle this kind of work fast and smooth.

Grease Trap Services from professionals. Call us now 847-868-1800

Pipe Bursting

Pipe bursting and other troubles? Call us now 847-868-1800

Pipe Lining

Pipe lining services in Illinois. All kind of works.

Water carriage system came into our lives not so long time ago. And thanks to the scientific and construction progress now we don’t have to pour the guck on the street as our ancestries did. We are all lucky to have a water supply system in each building,  but not so long ago it ’s maintenance costed a fortune. If some pipe was damaged or you need to extend it, you should replace the whole system. But now, thanks to new technologies – pipelining, you can easily change it as you wish.

So what the process is?

–    Before starting the process we should examine the pipe with a video camera to find any obstructions

–    Wood substance, mud, fat and other rubbish should be flushed out by the water

–    Then the pipes should be examined again to see if any blockages still there

–    After we ensure that no obstacles are in the pipe we can integrate pressurized bladder there with the epoxy cover on it

–    We should inflate the bladder and attach the liner to pipe inside it.

–    As soon as you remove the bladder, the epoxy cover will stay and start to dry

–    Then it’s time to handle the last video inspections to make sure that there is no cracks or hole stayed

–    The epoxy cover created a new pipe inside the old one


Should you excavate the yard to fix the pipes?

Traditionally, to replace the pipe to need to dig all way around it and it takes a lot of time, equipment and of course money involved. Excellent Plumbing uses the newest technology in fixing the pipes: we need only one tiny hole to get to the breakage. In this place, we insert the bladder with epoxy cover and after a while bury, the hole and no more inconvenience will be caused.

What you win after all the repair is done?

Cut down your expenses: new technology is much cheaper then excavate, repair and then restore your yard from the digging.

Time is saved: Excellent plumbing professionals will handle the pipelining in one day, so you don’t have to wait weeks (or even months ) to get the repair done

Updated pipes: after such kind of repair plumbing system become stronger and will work at least 50 years long.

Multipurpose: we are ready to repair the smallest crack in your pipe. It won’t take a lot of time and forces.

If unexpected plumber trouble occurred, don’t worry it can be fixed shortly.  Call professionals from Excellent Plumbing in Buffalo Grove and we are ready to advise you on this issue and drive in every city in Illinois and fix it quickly, so you even know!

Sewer Line

sewer line3The interceptor or main sewer pipe transits wasted water from your building to city sewage pipe manifold. You usually do not pay much attention to it as this system is hidden from us underground or in the basement. Unlikely, you think about repair of it until the first big clog, when your house becomes overflooded as the water in the pipes backs to your bathroom or kitchen. And the more water you’re flush the more water you have on the floor as a result.

No doubts, nobody like such pinches, when your home smells like a sewer pipe, stuff are scattered all over the house and of course it unpleasant to think how much this issue will cost to you in future.  

You might disagree, as people usually fix the clogs with the plunger or drain snake (yes, the most clever house owners have this toll), but if you face with pipe manifold clog you will need the experienced plumber to fix it and not cause more damage then you’ve already had. It is crucial to determine the blockage as soon as you can, at least the one you have in the main sewer pipe and call to emergency plumbing company immediately. Excellent Plumbing is ready for any kinds of emergency. Call us at 847-868-1800 and we drive to any city in Illinois to fix the issue fast and smoothly.    

How to identify that you need sewer pipes to repair beforehand

The first and the most obvious sign – water in your toilet, sink or can flushing slowly. It means that there is a clog in the plumbing system. It might be a simple clog, which can be removed by the plunger, but it will be a clever decision to inspect your pipes with a professional plumber, to avoid the more serious problem and wasting of money.

You see the bubbles in the sanitary ware or the water rises a bit before flushing. It might be caused by a clog or you just need to check the vent in the tank for the toilet.

One more sign is awful smell or grumbling somewhere in the sewer system. Time to call the plumber!

All these signs should help you identify that your system needs repair. Don’t call the emergency plumber with these reasons, but we strongly recommend you to book an appointment and invite the professional to examine pipes in the house.


Main reasons for plumbing issues when you need the maintenance of pipe manifold

It’s not the rocket science to understand that the clogs happen, because we flush the things that not supposed to be flushed. Very often, such issues happen in the houses with kids, flushing toys, sand, plasticine and etc, to the pipes.

Pipes in the kitchens, where fats being flush constantly, are out of order all the time Even coffee beans shouldn’t fall into the sewer pipes – they will accumulate there and cause the blockage.

And if your house is pretty old and you have the trees on the yard, keep in mind that the roots can grow into the sewer line and block it. Do not try to dig everywhere and look for the problem by yourself- call the professional plumber! Excellent Plumbing has the equipment which can identify the place of pipe blockage and avoid full replacement of the pipe when its possible.

sewer line2

How to make the pipe manifold ready for maintenance?

First thing, you need to do before the pipeman come to your house – is to make sure that you will not cause the flooding in the building. Close all water supply in the building for some time. If you have the cleanout line (some houses have it inside some – outside the building, nevertheless you might have not it all), reduce the water pressure with removing the cap from a vertical white pipe.


Pipe Manifold Maintenance – Possible solutions

sewer line1

Inspecting the pipes with the camera

This is the crucial step to identify the clog. The plumber will put the camera through the toilet and will watch the condition of the plumbing system. It will allow him to find out possible problem and find the solution.

Using special tools

If clog happened for the first time, you probably tried to remove it by plunger, auger or drain snake. All these items are good for simple clogs, but won’t fit for main sewer lane blockages. For difficult issues plumbers use the tool similar to a huge auger, working on electricity. It should help to remove the clog. Then to clean the system, they will use the high water pressure stream, to remove all mud from the pipe manifold.

Repair or replacement?

Sometimes clogs are the result of a broken pipe and there is no other way but replace it with the new part. Excellent Plumbing uses innovative methods that allow you to dig the yard as less as possible and replace the pat of damaged pipe fact and safe.

If you faced with the issue and understand that, your knowledge and equipment are not enough to fix it, don’t be a hero and call a professional and experienced plumber. We –Excellent Plumbing – based in Buffalo Grove, but flexible to drive in any city all over Illinois. Call us at 847-868-1800 and save your money and time with professional assistance!

Trenchless Repairs

Trenchless repairs service

trenchless repair service

Maybe you think that leaky bath or clogged drain could be inessential problem that you can fix by your own, but be mindful it can sometimes badly affect your pipeline and cause blockage or leakage. The best you can do is to call Excellent Plumbing from Buffalo Grove and let licensed plumbers to repair your water pipes. Our company has been providing clients  this commercial services of fixing drains since 2002 in all IL area.

Our feature

To fix your clogged drain Excellent Plumbing provides with a trenchless repairs service. The advantages of the trenchless repairs are:

  • No damage to the ground during the procedure
  • The efficiency of professional work
  • Minimal risk of damage to nearby water pipes or other communications
  • No need to block roads or other stuff

Your ground will not be digged!

The plumbers of our company have a great experience in trenchless repairs, so they will fix your problem in a cost-effective way. You’ll get a fast result from the greatest experts in IL. There is no difference between the size of the issue for our plumbers – they are ready to repair the water pipes as soon as possible.

Before starting drain repairs, we check everything and make sure we choose the right way of work. After the providing a trenchless repairs service, we give you tips and tricks on maintaining your water pipe to prevent this unnecessary procedure in time.

More information

Excellent Plumbing is always ready to give you more information about our service or your commercial drain repair, so just call us or chat, and our technicians will provide you with data.

Camera Line Inspection

Camera Line Inspection in IL

Camera Line Inspection illinois plumber

Excellent Plumbing has been proving the best camera line inspection service in Illinois since 2002. Your drain absorbs multiple numbers of different litter which gets into your pipes every day or tree roots can damaged your pipes. Mineral deposits, leaves, grease and dirt – all these unwanted litter causes real problems to your drain if you do not pay attention to it and leave it «to the best times». Of course, it is better not let these bad things happen, so what is the best option for you? Be mindful and control your water pipes. Do not try it to do by your own or do not ask some precarious plumbers, cause it can badly affects to your drain. Call us and our experienced professionals  will successfully complete the whole job. We provide our plumbers with a great equipment which let them to do their job perfectly.

The importance of this service

The litter in your water pipes always accumulates and leaving it untreated leads to corrosion, leaking, damaged or broken pipes. To prevent this happening the plumbers of Excellent Plumbing service from Buffalo Grove do the procedure of camera line inspection. Just call us when you think you need help to check your drain and there will no problem with the water pipes.

More information

Our company is always ready to provide you with necessary information and give you more details about us and our service. Call us or chat and you will get all the data you are interested in if it is related to this service.

Water Jetting

Water jetting service in IL

water jetting illinois


Excellent Plumbing offers a decent water jetting service for sewer cleaning which is literally needed to every person who lives in a house. Despite how well you maintain and keep in a good condition your pipes, it is a rule that there will be grease, unwanted litter, grime and any other waste in time. If you do not take care of your pipes, this waste will restrict water flow and your house will get flooding. We advice you to do not try to fix your problems by your own and do not worry about it. Excellent Plumbing at Buffalo Grove (serving all IL area) exists exactly for repairing and maintaining your plumbing. We have been  in this service since 2002 and we perfectly know how to take care of your plumbing system in a best way.

Call us anytime you need water jetting service for your pipes!

An effective work

Our company uses modern and effective jetting system technologies to provide a removement unwanted litter and other things from your pipes to make them working like new. Excellent Plumbing’s workers are experts with an experience of using that equipment and working with water jetting.

A decent service

We are  licensed company, which is based in Chicagoland IL, that values our clients and tries to protect them and their houses. Our company is the best plumbing service fromBuffalo Grove that provides a water jetting service. We are ready to give you the whole information about us and our service if it is related to plumbing services and sewage cleaning. We would love to give you more details in case you have questions about it.

Try not to let your pipes be restricted by littern, because you always need a comfort life at your sweet home.




Excellent Plumbing offers a sewer repairs and provides all the clients with the biggest experts to do the job. The reason why you may need this service if your damaged sewer line. You can feel the sewage smell around your area, or maybe water enters the sewer slowly. If you do not do anything to this and do not pay attention to these problems, it will cause more serious issues for example, rats. A damaged sewer line can affect you and your life. What you definitely need is to repair your sewer line. Obviously, you cannot do it by your own or with your unprofessional neighbor, so the best solution is to call Excellent Plumbing!

What things can cause that problem?

  • Broken pipes
  • Pipe corrosion
  • Leaking pipe

Our company provides you with the best plumbers in Illinois, who are certified workers with a great experience of work. Using the latest technologies and equipment, our experts will take care of your sewer line. You will be satisfied with the result of their work. Excellent Plumbing has been providing people from Buffalo Grove with this service for more than 15 years.

More information

It is always okay to ask questions, so we would like to give you all the information about sewer repairs and our company in case you need to. Valuing our clients and their needs, we cooperate with them with pleasure Call us and we will help you for sure!

Emergency Plumbing

Urgent Plumbing
If in any house happened unexpected plumbing critical situation, then every minute counts.  You might still think, that around here somewhere lives qualified plumber, who opened 24  hours a day and will help you to handle the problem quickly and without charging any fee for it – you might be stressed and disappointed.  Take care of such situations and be ready beforehand. Professionals from Excellent Plumbing can offer a wide range of urgent plumbing services and available to drive in any city all over Illinois whenever required. Our services are budget friendly and of course available at every time of the day and night.

Emergency-PlumbingNo matter what you have found – a dripping faucet, leaking toilet bow, blockage in the pipes or sinks – we can fix anything. Excellent Plumbing is available for a call 24/7. We can handle any plumbing issue (even if it is not an emergency one)  as quickly as possible and advise you how to avoid it in future. You don’t have to worry that our office in Buffalo Grove probably closes in non-working hours. We are ready to answer your call at our emergency number – just call 847-868-1800
Moreover, we also can consult you on the ongoing support of piping system and prevention of serious issues and emergency situations in it. You can also make an appointment online through our website.


If you use the services of Excellent Plumbing, you can be sure that in case of emergency, we will visit you in every time of day and night, on any holiday or weekend. We can book an appointment in our office, if you live nearby or if the issue is not urgent and get qualified advises regarding your sanitary ware issues. Also, you can call our expert and he will visit your house if you are faced with an emergency. Urgent plumbing issues might include:
•    Gas pipes issues: gas is the source of increased risk in every building. If you understand that you feel the smell of gar or the pipe is damaged – call us right now!
•    Sewer pipe blockages
•    The hose of the washing machine is damaged
•    Clogs in the toilets, kitchen or powder room, which can cause a water flood in your house
•    Hot water tanks are out of order
•    Pipes destroyed by frost
•    Leak in any pipe
•    Waterflood in hour house (from any room)
•    Many others
If you suffer from any of these issues, do not wait too long, do not try to handle it by yourself if you don’t have the proper qualification. Call Excellent Plumbing and get immediate assistance anytime and in every city of Illinois.

Emergency plumbing services in Illinois – Call us now 847-868-1800


Excavation services in Illinois

excavation services in illinois

One of the services Excellent Plumbing provides is an excavation during the plumbing works. The licensed professionals of our company have been working since 2002, so they perfectly know the procedure.

If there are some issues with your pipes, we are ready to provide you with the excavation service.

When do you need this service?

  • If your pipe is corroded, so it needs repair or replacement
  • If it is a damaged pipe: broken or collapsed, multiple reasons could cause this problem
  • If your pipes is fool of litter: leaves, dirt and grease etc.

Plumbing works via the excavation will solve all your problems about drain. They need a deep and responsible work, so let this do to the experts. Before starting the work, the plumbers always find the cause of the problem.

Call us and our plumbers will start work as soon as possible. They are equipped with the new appliances, which let them do their job carefully and really good.

More information

Excellent Plumbing from Buffalo Grove is ready to give more information and details about this service, so do not hesitate to contact with us if you have questions. We try to protect our clients and help them, so we offer you the most effective option to solve your problem.

HVAC & Air Duct Cleaning

Air duct cleaning

Call us 847-868-1800

It is natural for us to take about the place, where we spend a lot of time. We make our houses more comfortable, safer, warmer (or cooler) and cleaner. Doing this, first and foremost we think about feeling comfortable and staying healthy in our homes. But have you ever thought how clean your air is?

You might argue, that you use air conditioning, close the windows and not smoke at home. All of this should be enough to breathe fresh and clear air. But we may not even know the main danger is inside of temperature regulation appliances. Unclean air might be extremely dangerous for the next categories of people:

– Kids

– Stay at home adults (freelancers, housewives etc.)

– Office staff, who spend more than 8 hours in the room

But how to understand that you need to take care of cleaning the air in the office? Experts from Excellent Plumbing have a few tips for you:

1. You should hold air duct cleaning every 3-5 years. If you know that your appliances work more than 5 years – call the professionals right now.

2. Somebody noticed the mildew on the air conditioner or near the air system.

Mould might be very dangerous for your health as it causes a serious disease of lungs. People fell as they got cold and get better when leaving the room for some time, but when coming back – get sick again. If you noticed that your employees take sick leave more often than usual – take care of clean air in the office!

3. Noxious insect or animals.

If you hear the gride inside within the ductwork – cleaning might resolve the problem. Excellent Plumbing has a wide experience from getting out from the appliances of different insects and animals in a few minutes

4. A lot of dust

Too much dust in the air system makes the air in the building twice dirtier. If appliances are extremely dusty it might also cause a fire in the building. So regular cleaning will make your home safer.

A list of the pollutant of Inside air and ventiduct

If still doubt to call the cleaning company, please check the list of things which were identified in room air and house’s air channel by the scientist. One or couple of these things occurred in every 2nd checked space:

  • Versatile viruses and germs
  • Mildew’s spores
  • Myco
  • Blossom dust
  • Pet dandruff
  • Fly’s and animals dung
  • Chemicals

How to get the air cleaned? Call us now 847-868-1800

Cleaning the HVAC system is a complicated and partly dangerous process. So if you don’t have a proper qualification, please do not try to handle it.

First of all, you should check it and be sure that there is no asbestos. If you found it, stop and think if you have the proper equipment to remove it. Cover all your furniture and carpet as it might be a dirty process. Vacuum out the air channel and remove all mud, mould or pest from it and put all details back in place.

The best solution for this is to call professional masters for it. Excellent Plumbing made a lot of air system cleanings in all over Illinois. Visit our office in Buffalo Glove and get the useful advice and qualified help from our side. We are flexible to drive in any city in Illinois – 847-868-1800

Blow-in insulation installers in the Chicago area

Bona fide company in the field of insulation installations in Chicago is Excellent Plumbing. This name is worthy of you to remember. We perform the following activity: installing blown-in insulation in homes and commercial buildings, for both retrofit and new construction project. We take these works from homeowners and builders / contractors.
Contact us, if you are ready to install insulation in your building or you want to learn more about blown-in insulation.
Blown-in insulation allows:
• pay less bills, the energy efficiency of your home or building increases to a maximum
• to provide comfort your home or building all year round
• reduce noise from outside as well as from inside your house or building between different rooms and levels
• to make better performance of your air conditioner and furnace
• to protect air and moisture infiltration and help eliminate mold growth
• to promote a healthier environment

The New Construction & Retrofit

A blown-out insulation for retrofit (re-insulation) and new construction projects by our team. We have experience with commercial and residential projects. In addition, we can insulate walls, attics, basements and crawl spaces.

Blown-In Insulation Installation in Chicagoland

Are you located in Chicago and its surroundings? Don’t look further than Excellent Plumbing. We are experienced in installing blown-in insulation in both existing homes and new homes being constructed and our experts use high-quality fiberglass and cellulose insulation from leading manufacturers.
-We are aware of the role that the floor plays in the building system, controlling sound and fire.
-Our professionals install both batt and blown-in fiberglass insulation
-Our technology helps prevent mold and excessive moisture infiltration in homes you build with our waterproofing services.

If you are interested in our service please contact us on 847-868-1800.

Garbage Chute Cleaning and Deodorising

Garbage Chute Cleaning and Deodorising

An important part of maintaining a healthy and hygienic garbage system is cleaning your garbage chute. Our advice is to chute cleaning time-by-time with Excellent Plumbing germ and outdoor control systems. In that a typical garbage disposal there are two different sources of the smell of garbage and pollution of the environment:
1. Primarily, the scents and pathogenic microbe, which clogs garbage by means of waste products in trash can (the best choice is our special deodorant system)
2. Also, clogs the smell in your garbage disposal systems (advice is to clean it time by time)

Eliminating two sources of trash odors in your gutter:

1. 24/7 Garbage Chute Deodorizer
We have own flagship technology. It provides the best service by means of air purification and smell in your buildings. Trash cans have a natural “upstream” (hot air rise), that is why trash smells and pathogens microbes from bunkers or sealers can penetrate the gutter and go around the building.
Excellent Plumbing facilities install at the bottom of your trash system and provides good smell for all the time of operation. Stinker source will be found first of all. Air pollution in your building will be in good condition, before it can cause odor problems, coming out of the gutter and entering the building.
For more information on eliminating garbage within your chute, please see our page on removing garbage chute.
2. Garbage Chute Cleaning
Our professionals use the best equipment to clean the walls of the chute.
We advise to clean the chute depending on the numbers of flats in the building.
Professionals recommended cleaning the chute 1-2 every six months. If you are interested in our service please contact us on 847-868-1800.

Why is garbage chute cleaning important?

As useful as an industrial garbage chute can be, it can also cause a lot of problems if it doesn’t undergo regular cleaning and maintenance. Garbage chutes are often installed in buildings that are airtight, and air quality is obviously very important for such places.

How is your rubbish chute cleaned?

It needs specialized equipment to provide the best service in your unless you’ll be happy. A specifically designed high pressure cleaning system will be lowered down your refuse chute – where it will remove the trash build-up on the internal lining.
Generally a good contractor will clean all the building including hard to reach places.
Garbage Chute Cleaning in Illinois; Chicagoland.
Have you any problems with smell in your trash system? We’ll happy to provide cleaning service.

Electrical services

electric service

Electric service from Excellent plumbing in all Illinois area.

We can help in all your electrical needs, like this:

-electrical Installation
-electrical repair & troubleshooting
-Code Correction Work
-electrical wire upgrades
-GFCI outlet installation & repair
-appliance wiring
-whole house surge protection
-generator services
-outdoor lighting

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