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Frozen Pipes

Our plumbing company have  been Chicagoland’s model for what a plumbing company should be – dependable, capable, clean, and courteous – since our founding in 2002. With quality commercial and residential plumbing services offered to customers all over Chicago and the suburbs, Excellent Plumbing is the plumber to call if you have a burst or freezing pipe emergency.

Frozen Water Pipes

Why do pipes freeze or burst? The answer is a scientific one. Water, when freezing, expands.  When it does this, whatever is holding or containing this frozen water, in this case metal pipes, or perhaps plastic pipes, undergo an extreme amount of pressure and they may break, resulting in major plumbing problems for your home or business. Frozen kitchen pipes, frozen bathroom pipes, frozen sewer lines or any other frozen pipe can burst and cause extensive water damage.

Water pipes that are exposed, such as water sprinkler or swimming pool lines, or pipes within interior areas not heated, like basements or garages, and pipes that run against walls with very little insulation are most susceptible to freezing when it gets very cold in the winter.

How to Prevent Pipes from Freezing

The best way to avoid burst pipe emergencies is to schedule regular maintenance and servicing from the reliable, qualified plumbing experts at Excellent Plumbing.

Frozen Pipe Repair Services

Burst pipes can cause huge amounts of damage in no time. Water will quickly travel down walls and ceilings and across floors after a pipe freezes and bursts. This can cause thousands of dollars in damage and clean-up costs. The experienced plumbers at Excellent Plumbing will be here to help unthaw your frozen pipes with quality, fast repairs and/or frozen pipe replacement, and we’re available 24 hours a day.

Interior burst pipes can easily be replaced, whereas underground pipes can be repaired by Excellent Plumbing using trenchless technology. In some cases, the underground pipe may need to be replaced as well. Our plumbing experts will remove drywall from any areas in which the burst pipe occurs in walls or ceilings.  Excellent Plumbing offer services for the following:

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